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Adidas Packaging Design
Adidas Inner Packaging Design
Adidas Packaging Design Detail
Adidas Packaging Instagram Promotion
Adidas Packaging Design Print Detail
Hiver Beers Packaging and Website Design
Hiver Beers Packaging Beer Can Design

What's your poison?

We have worked with some incredible brands, both big (very big) and small. Here we have detailed just four. To announce the arrival of Adidas Athletics, we were asked to create packaging solutions for one of the largest cross category activations the brand had ever seen.

For Hiver, we looked at what separated them from mass-produced honey beers that pointed to a more bohemian personality and the idea that their passion and attention to detail could also be leveraged emotionally.

Hiver Beers Beer Tap Label Design
Hiver Beers Packaging Beer Bottle Design
Porteña Argentinian Street Food Branding Design
Porteña Food Jar Packaging Design
Porteña Food Jar Label Design

Porteña produce traditional Argentinian street food, and while their roots are firmly in Buenos Aires, the brand found its home in Borough Market, a mecca for London foodies. Our task was to create an identity that captured Porteña’s proud Argentinian ancestry, but wasn’t parochial in its outlook.

The resulting wordmark is a contemporary take on traditional Fileteado typography creating a brand that unites London and Argentina in the most memorable of ways.

Porteña Bag Packaging Design
Porteña Billboard Advertising Design
Porteña Poster Advertising Design
Jensen's Gin Packaging and Website Design

Jensen's too, were all about much more than great gin. They were at the forefront of the craft alcohol movement in London with a heritage that other brands could only dream of. And so London became the focus of a brand that loves London as much as the people who drink it.

Jensen's Gin Print Design
Jensen's Gin Packaging Bottle Design
Bermondsey Gin Brand Design
Jensen's Gin Packaging Bottle Design