About Us/

We create advertising and design that connects with people.
We have fun in the process. We do the simple things well,
no matter how complex the brief, and most important of all,
we get results for our clients. Just talented people with great ideas.
It's all you really need/

Our Team/

  • Alan McQueen

    Alan McQueen /

    Managing Director
  • Stewart Hall

    Stewart Hall /

    Creative Director
  • John Sweeney

    John Sweeney /

    Design Director (London)
  • Jim Walker

    Jim Walker /

    Production Manager
  • Mary Millson

    Mary Millson /

    Traffic Manager
  • Margaret Thomson

    Margaret Thomson /

    Media Manager
  • Thomas James

    Thomas James /

    Head of Digital
  • Alex Mackay

    Alex Mackay /

    Senior Designer (Glasgow)
  • Kevin Blythe

    Kevin Blythe /

    Design Director (Dundee)
  • Alec Chappell

    Alex Chappell /

    Senior Designer (London)
  • Sebastian Perjesi

    Sebastian Perjesi /

    Front-end Developer


If there are any vacancies, they'll be posted here. However, we're equally happy to receive speculative applications and we always keep the good stuff on file.
If you want to try your luck with an eye on the future, rest assured we won't forget you if you've got something to say. Email careers@atalanta.uk.com

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